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Sierra. 17. Florida. I'm friendly with a case of chronic bitch face.


don’t worry, I’ll keep out of your life

I can’t describe how obsessed I am with this song, absolute perfection and Dan Lambton’s voice is just incredible ugh

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The Wonder Years by Pauline Nguyễn on Flickr.

On the preview for next weeks Grey’s Anatomy when they said “Farewell to Cristina” I lost my shit and now I’m crying.
I’m in way too deep with this show, man.

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i actually like asshole couples best like the couples that pick on each other so much and call each other names but it’s okay because you know they’re actually totally in love and none of it is meant in a mean way and every insult is punctuated by a sweet comment to remind the other how much they actually adore them and i’m sorry but there isn’t anything cuter ok

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Im a fun person ok but whenever someone cute talks to me i turn into a fucking raisin

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